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But why can’t we all just be vegetarians?

Those who ask such a question simply have too little knowledge of the living conditions in countries such as the Faroe Islands. They have not understood the underlying reasons which make it possible for people to live in such remote places with a harsh, sub-Arctic and oceanic climate with very little arable land. Less than …

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How to identify a psychopathic cult leader

Leaders prone to psychopathy engage in promoting fanaticism and extremism. Psychopathic behaviour is characterised by the use of emotional manipulation, intimidation, bullying, terror and fear mongering in order to gain power and control over others. This article deals with psychopathy especially among religious leaders, who might gather devoted followers to form religious cults – sometimes …

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Utopian vegan dreams defy laws of nature, causing more damage than good

Humans are and have always been predators as far as we know. Nowadays, humanity has become vainglorious in thinking that it has “evolved” from its predatory nature, so much so that many have started thinking that it’s a good idea to deny our meat eating habit and cravings. On the surface it might look like we …

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You Provide Sustenance For Yourself With What Is Available To You

As simple as the sentence in this header may sound, the more difficult it seems to many to comprehend what it really means. I came to think about that, when I tried to answer some questions I got today in an E-mail from an Australian journalist, asking me: 1. Do Faroe islanders consider pilot whales …

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Nature – not just something to be visited, but a home where people provide sustenance for themselves

OBS! The author of this article, Ford Elms, New Foundland, Canada, has allowed me to copy and publish it here: In a tradition going back more than a thousand years, the Faroese renew their connectedness to their history, their culture, their communities, and the natural world around them. The pilot whales return to the Faroe …

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Cultural clashes make the SSCS’ Grindstop campaign counterproductive

by Elin Brimheim Heinesen  In the old days the Faroese killed pilot whales, because they needed the food. Nowadays the Faroese still kill pilot whales – not only because they need the food – but also to prove to them selves that they are Faroese. What people eat becomes intrinsic to their identity as people. …

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