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In Memory of My Beloved Uncle Jóannes Heinesen, Sheep Farmer from Sandavágur

Jóannes Heinesen – also known as Jóannes á Lofti or simply Beiggi (Brother) – was born on 7th April 1930 and passed away at the Sýnini nursing home in Miðvágur on Sunday, 21st April 2024, exactly two weeks after his family celebrated his 93rd birthday. Jóannes inherited the family farm from his grandfather, Petur Heinesen …

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Nature – Not Just Something to be Visited, But a Home Where People Provide Sustenance for Themselves

OBS! The author of this article, Ford Elms, New Foundland, Canada, has allowed me to copy and publish it here: In a tradition going back more than a thousand years, the Faroese renew their connectedness to their history, their culture, their communities, and the natural world around them. The pilot whales return to the Faroe …

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If We Lose Our Foods We Lose Who We Are

I was born in the late 50’ies in the Faroe Islands. At that time we pretty much had a subsistence way of life in this remote place on earth with a hostile climate and an environment that humans could never hope to survive in without eating animals. In winter, our region is stormy and dark …

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