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Copywriting & Word Processing

Copywriting / editing / word processing / proofreading textual material

  • Do you need an experienced and professional copywriter to write a good text for you from A to Z – a letter, a speech, an application, an article, a newsletter, a client letter, a press release, an invitation, even a book, perhaps – or any other textual material?
  • Do you need a professional copywriter to read, edit and proofread your text – and also look for the seams in your text to avoid tedious misunderstandings and errors, which can interfere with communication?
  • Do you want to convey professionalism and gain increased credibility with good, well thought out and accurate textual material?
  • Have you written a manuscript that requires to be processed or perhaps rewritten by a professional copywriter?
  • Have you written fragments of a manuscript and wish to have the text edited and supplemented with more text, for instance, written on the basis of interviews and conversations?
  • Have you written a finished manuscript, but lack the means to get the text put up in a nice layout with or without photos, and possibly printed as a book in the number of copies you want?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions above, do not hesitate to contact so we can knit together the right solution for you within the economic framework you set. The price, we will build our negotiation on, can be found here.

Please call us at Tel. (+298) 21 31 02 and let’s find out if can help you.

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