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Faroe Islands at a Crossroads

The Faroe Islands are at a crossroads. Do we want to be a modern globalised society or do we want to hold on to our traditional way of life? Or… is it possible to combine these two? A presentation held by Elin Brimheim Heinesen for Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Iceland, 23 May 2009 We …

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Celebrity Visits Generate Publicity

With former US president Bill Clinton and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore in the country’s guest book, international media coverage could be causing the Faroes to emerge from obscurity—clearing the way for effective nation branding. Búi Tyril talks to Elin Heinesen, Managing Director of SamVit, Faroe Islands Enterprise, and others. By Búi Tyril, Faroe …

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It’s All in the Mix

Interview with Ms. Elin Brimheim Heinesen, Managing Director of SamVit – Faroe Islands Enterprise By Búi Tyril, Faroe Business Report 2008 Their outlook is increasingly global yet people in the Faroes are proud of their national identity—after all, the unique Faroese culture is alive and kicking, their islands are truly beautiful, and their fishing is …

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Another Phase, a New Face

The recent merger of the Trade Council and the Tourist Board into one Trade & Tourism Council is likely to remain high on the new managing director’s agenda for a while—but it doesn’t stop her from bringing scores of innovative ideas to the table. By Búi Tyril, Faroe Business Report 2007 It was widely seen as signifying at least a generational change, if …

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Care to Dine With a View?

If branding the Faroes involves setting up some spectacular tourist attraction, Elin Heinesen presented what could become the ultimate experience for domestic and foreign visitors alike—a marvel of a Cold War museum offering a majestic view of the mountain tops. By Búi Tyril, Faroe Business Report 2007 Before she had even started in her new …

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