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Translation to and from different languages

  • Do you need to get a text translated? For instance:
    • English to Faroese or Danish?
    • Danish to English or Faroese?
    • Faroese to English or Danish?
    • Spanish to English, Danish or Faroese
    • Norwegian and Swedish to English, Danish or Faroese?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions above, do not hesitate to contact HEINESEN.info so we can knit together the right solution for you within the economic framework you set. The price, we will build our negotiation on, can be found here.

Please call us at Tel. (+298) 21 31 02 and let’s find out if HEINESEN.info can help you.

Or fill out the formula HERE and order a first consultation – free of charge:



Read in detail, what HEINESEN.info can offer you here:


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