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Our Services

Inspirational cooperation
HEINESEN.info would be happy to assist you and provide you with professional help wit any kind of communication. HEINESEN.info offers assistance and coaching to individuals, businesses, institutions and schools. But most of all HEINESEN.info offers you inspirational, qualified service.

Elin Brimheim Heinesen, owner of HEINESEN.info says:

“For many years people have come to me to get motivated. I have helped them take advantage of and capitalize on their strengths and helped them get started with their dream projects. I can’t offer hocus pocus solutions that suddenly solve all the problems people migh have, but I can offer them attentive presence and an ability to make them enjoy themselves and realize their own potential, and I can help them get started, and then let them take over when they’re ready to take off and fly.”

If you need any of the services mentioned below then you’ve come to the right place! In detail HEINESEN.info can help you with the following:

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Copywriting & Word Processing

Copywriting / editing / word processing / proofreading textual material Do you need an experienced and professional copywriter to write a good text for you from A to Z – a letter, a speech, an application, an article, a newsletter, a client letter, a press release, an invitation, even a book, perhaps – or any other textual …

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Translation to and from different languages Do you need to get a text translated? For instance: English to Faroese or Danish? Danish to English or Faroese? Faroese to English or Danish? Spanish to English, Danish or Faroese Norwegian and Swedish to English, Danish or Faroese? If you answered yes to even one of the questions …

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Media Project Management

Supervising media, marketing and corporate communication projects Does your company need guidance / supervision setting up and preparing an advertising / publicity / promotion project or a campaign? Do you need powerful tools to start up and carry out any media, marketing or corporate communications project? Do you want to create, for instance, a brochure, a promotional …

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Website Production & Editing

Website production, structuring, editing and proofreading / use of social media / internet marketing Are you self-employed / a sole proprietorship or do you work in a company that would like a website that introduces you, the company and / or your products / services? Do you need to improve your current website? Would you like …

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Creating / publishing surveys Do you need help to create a survey, for instance, internally at your workplace? Do you need help to formulate a survey, for instance, as part of educational or scientific research? Do you need help to publish an online survey? If you answered yes to even one of the questions above, do …

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Training & Conferences

Supervising and preparing different events – such as lectures, training courses, workshops and conferences. Are you a business firm, an institution, a school or just a group of people who would like to listen to an inspirational lecture or participate in an interesting training course, workshop or a conference? Do you need help and assistance with …

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Performing Arts Agency & Event Management

Performing arts agency, management and booking – cultural events, art exhibitions, concerts etc. Do you need to book musicians or other performing artists to an event, small or big? Do you need help and assistance with arranging a cultural event – such as a concert, an exhibition and so on – or do you need someone …

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Representation & Tour Guiding

Professional representation, hospitality and tour guiding services Are you a journalist, a researcher, a business(wo)man or someone else traveling to the Faroes – and do you need information and / or comments before you arrive, with regard to places to visit or things to see in the Faroes? Do you need a guide who can take …

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching and inspirational conversations Would you like to take advice from a communications expert who has been in the business for over 30 years? Do you need to talk to a well-experienced person who can analyze, see opportunities and boil things down to essentials? Do you need a good conversation partner and a solid …

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Music Performance

Elin Brimheim Heinesen is also a singer/songwriter, who can be booked for music performances at concerts and special events. Elin has performed at festivals, weddings, funerals and at many other occasions. Read more about Elin’s music career at Heinesen.fo. Please call Tel. (+298) 21 31 02 and let’s find out if Elin Brimheim Heinesen can …

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