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The Firm

HEINESEN.info is not really a firm as such. It is a partnership, our customers can benefit from, in which Elin Brimheim Heinesen consults and coworks with an international network of professionals in many fields, mostly in communication. (See partners here.)

Personally, Elin has wide-ranging experience in several areas, such as media, internet, marketing, culture, corporate communication and management. (Read more about Elin’s background here.)

HEINESEN.info solves many kinds of consultancy and communication tasks – small and big ones – on a freelance / contract basis.

HEINESEN.info is able to solve almost any communication task – some times in cooperation with partners, depending on the tasks magnitude and complexity.

HEINESEN.info gives advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Help with writing – copywriting, scriptwriting (books, films, radio, tv), articles, press releases, customer letters, presentations, speeches, personal letters, applications, songs and others – word-processing, editing, proofreading and journalistic research
  • Translation (for instance: Faroese, Danish, English both ways, and from Norwegian, Swedish and Spanish to one of the aforementioned three languages).
  • Content and concept development, production, structuring, publishing, proofreading and editing of magazines and other printed media products
  • Content and concept development, production, structuring, design, proofreading and editing of websites, as well as other Internet communication
  • Marketing and use of social media
  • Corporate communication analysis and evaluation
  • Consultancy regarding management, such as project management, strategic management and HR management and planning
  • Event management and music booking
  • Innovation, idea and product development, and creativity boosting techniques
  • Incoming tourism business and innovation, as well as professional representation and hospitality
  • … and so on

Feel free to call us any time at +298 21 31 02 or send an E-mail to: elin@heinesen.info to ask for a first consultation for free – and lets talk about what you need and find out if HEINESEN.info can meet your needs.

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