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Need assistance?

Need help to improve your communication?

HEINESEN.info can be your: copywriter, scriptwriter, journalist, editor, translator, proofreader, communications adviser, project management adviser, web manager, content developer, survey organizer, presenter, lecturer, training and / or conference organizer, organizer of cultural / musical events, impresario, manager, booker, researcher, tourist guide, host, supervisor, motivator, conversation partner, coach and so on.

HEINESEN.info also produces articles, newsletters and other written material for newspapers, magazines, websites, movies, television, radio, advertising etc.

HEINESEN.info takes on both larger and smaller tasks. So don’t hesitate to call HEINESEN.info, however big or small the task is.


Find out, if we can offer services, which meet your specific needs - such as:

Read also about our little consultancy firm and the founder. See which partners we cooperate with. Find our standard pricing. Find our contact info. And read articles in English, Danish and Faroese.

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Our Services

Inspirational cooperation HEINESEN.info would be happy to assist you and provide you with professional help wit any kind of communication. HEINESEN.info offers assistance and coaching to individuals, businesses, institutions and schools. But most of all HEINESEN.info offers you inspirational, qualified service. Elin Brimheim Heinesen, owner of HEINESEN.info says: “For many years people have come to me to …

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The Firm

HEINESEN.info is not really a firm as such. It is a partnership, our customers can benefit from, in which Elin Brimheim Heinesen consults and coworks with an international network of professionals in many fields, mostly in communication. (See partners here.) Personally, Elin has wide-ranging experience in several areas, such as media, internet, marketing, culture, corporate …

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The Founder

Elin Brimheim Heinesen, founder of HEINESEN.info, was born 25. June in 1958 in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands. She went to Denmark to study in 1983 and stayed in the country until she moved back to the Faroes in 2007, most of the time living and working in Copenhagen. Working Experience Elin has wide-ranging experience in the …

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HEINESEN.info collaborates with many collaborators from several different countries. Here are some of them, we like to recommend: Stan Abbott, Media Relations and Marketing Consultant, with Specialism in Aviation and Tourism - www.gravity-consulting.com Jan Bilgrav, Graphic Designer, Owner of BILGRAV design ApS - www.bilgrav.com Poul Clementsen, Party secretary for Framsókn, Managing Director at Festi, (Framsókn, political party) - www.festi.fo Djóni Dalsgarð, Profiles …

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N.B.! Special entry prices apply to the 1. September 2012: For copywriting, editing, proofreading and other common communication tasks For translation For media, marketing and communication project management advice For website production, structuring and editing For preparation of surveys For arrangement of lectures, training courses, workshops, conferences, as well as concerts and other cultural events …

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