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May 10 2012

Why most arguments against grindadráp fail

People who are against pilot whaling in the Faroe Islands often refer to the following 12 reasons for why pilot whaling should stop. Here is why 10 of them fail and why 2 are partially right / partially wrong. 1. The Faroese should stop killing pilot whales because the pilot whales are endangered. The pilot …

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May 09 2012

Media Whale Warfare

A comment by Elin Brimheim Heinesen to the discussion triggered by the TV series on Animal Planet “Whale Wars – Viking Shores”. I wish this issue was simpler, but it’s not. I’m Faroese and I do not condone pilot whale killing in the Faroe Islands unconditionally. I’m absolutely opposed to unnecessary cruelty and the killing of animals …

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Faroe Islands Podcast 137: Sea Shepherd v. Faroe Islands Podcast


http://traffic.libsyn.com/faroepodcast/Podcast_137.mp3 - Matthew Workman interviews Fraiser Hall and Peter Hammarstedt, the captain and first mate of the Sea Shepherd boat “Brigitte Bardot.” We talk about “Whale Wars: Viking Shores” and  the extreme language and tactics they employ to achieve their goals. We ask if they felt in danger while staying in one of the safest countries in the world, and if’ it’s useful to compare an entire country to the Nazis. Then we play select moments from an interview with a “covert operative” for Sea Shepherd.

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Mar 22 2011

Why I’m not condemning pilot whaling

I’m not insensitive to animal suffering. I do understand why outsiders are concerned about pilot whaling in the Faroes. But in spite of this, I do not condemn pilot whaling completely. This might seem contradictory to people, who think pilot whaling is absolutely appalling and should be banned right away. But I have some compelling …

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Dec 19 2010

The Global Disney-World

Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd activists, as well as others have declared war against the Faroese whalers and announced that they will be present in the Faroes in the summer 2011 to stop any attempt to drive or kill pilot whales. The Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove” about dolphin slaughter in Taiji in Japan, has …

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Nov 03 2010

Why I Fail To See The Purpose Of Typical Anti Whaling Rhetoric

I have in former blog posts tried to explain the Faroese tradition of pilot whaling. Let me state right away: The main purpose of this blog post is not to defend pilot whaling as such. It is not to prove anyone neither right nor wrong. It is only to question the rhetorics of extreme anti-whaling activists. …

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Nov 02 2010

Are The Faroese People Caught In A Conflictive Time-warp?

This is a response to a comment made by an anonymous reader to my blog post: “The Global Disney World” (http://elinbrimheimheinesen.blogspot.com/2010/09/global-disney-world.html). Dear Anonymous, Thanks for a thoughtful reply. I appreciate your reflections to my blog post “The Global Disney World”. I’d like to make some comments to your thoughts – and ask you some questions, because I’m not …

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Sep 08 2009

Senseless Terrorizing Murderous Dolphin Killers?

Some people outside the Faroes think that Faroese people are senseless primitive murderous inbred drunken brutal beasts who once a year kill thousands of intelligent dolphins for fun as a ‘coming of age ritual’ just to leave most of the whales to rot on the beach and feeding the rest of the poisonous meat to …

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