Vendetta by 200 (FO) – best Scandinavian album of 2012!

Published on January 23rd, 2013

200-Photo-by-Bardur-Eklund-artikelAll Scandinavian has chosen the album Vendetta by the Faroese punk band 200 the best Scandinavian album of 2012. 

This is the bands reaction on their Facebook page: “Very proud. We tip our hats to the fine people at All Scandinavian. You have GREAT taste.”

And this is what All Scandinavian has written on their website about the nomination:

Sometimes all it takes is 25 minutes. Not least when they’re as sublime as on 200s album ‘Vendetta’. Through it Mikael Blak, Niels Arge Galán and Uni Árting not only wipe their asses with so many of the bands riding the new wave of punk in Scandinavia these days – they do it while extending well-placed and heartfelt Fuck You!’s to the fearmongering political right sympathies dominating public debate these days. You know, actually taking a stand. And that counts for quite a bit in out book.”

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